Monday, January 9, 2012

Summer Time in January


How is everything in your part of the country?  Things here in Montana are warm and very busy. I took a break today from paperwork to go for a quick walk.  The sun is shining and its over 40 degrees out.  Nothing like our typical January.  I am not complaining though and for those of you that are calving, you are lucky!  I bet in March, when I start to calve, it will be cold and miserable.  Let me give you a little update on the Rose Family and then I will tell you about my new project!

John-Still working away, the sales have started to slow down so he can spend more time around the new place fixing fence , etc.  His dogs are working really well and we have had serval people ask for puppies so they may be in the future.  My dad and I headed down to Vegas for the NFR in December and had a blast :)

Jacob and Kelsey-They are busy working for our company, also fixing fence and moving cattle around. Jake is busy training colt, if you need a colt ridden don't hesitate to get ahold of us.   Kelsey recently took up a part time job at the Sale barn and they are excited for their upcoming honeymoon in February.

Jackson-He is playing high school basketball and playing on the varsity team.  He is busy working and with school but lends a hand whenever possible.  Check out his action shots! http://rogerrichardson.smugmug.com/Sports/vsManhattanTigers/20938857_NRSFfZ#!i=1663387232&k=FFBPnTt&lb=1&s=A

I have been busy working over the Christmas break and school starts on Wednesday.  I am not sure if I am ready or not but it will be nice to see all my friends again.  Jane'a Elkhe, Lauren Chase, and I have decided to start collegiate Stockgrowers at MSU. Our first meeting will be Wednesday the 18th at 7 pm in the new Animal Science building on campus!  Please come we would love to have you!

http://www.facebook.com/Collegiate.Stockgrowers.MSU  Please like our facebook page :)

Thank you all!  Have a great New Year and may God bless you :)

Karoline Rose

P.S  I am looking for an internship for next summer!  Do you know of one?  If so let me know.  Thank you!