Thursday, May 30, 2013

Australia-The first few days

Good Evening,

I have been traveling like crazy the past few days.  Right now its 9 pm on May 30th and we are Albany  in Western Australia.   I landed in Melbourne after traveling for 31 hours straight and was quickly taken on farm tours.  We were in Melbourne for less than 20 hours and then boarded a plane, headed for Perth.  After 5 more hours of flying, my mode of transportation changed to a car!

We have been traveling around touring ranches or farms, as they call them.  Talking to pure bred producers and commercial producers who use Lawson Angus semen or embryos.  Harry, the owner of Lawson Angus has formed unique partnerships with all these farms and has helped create a more genetically superior herd.

We have spotty internet and will be headed to Hopetown to calve, starting tomorrow.  Australia is beautiful by the way!  I am loving every minutes, lots of high quality Angus Cows and lots of beautiful sheep.