Thursday, May 9, 2013


Good Afternoon,

It would be time to share my good news!  I received an internship in Australia for roughly 45 days this summer. I leave May 25th and will be returning July 9th.

I will be blogging about my experience with Lawson Angus and international agriculture.  The first few weeks will be spent in Melbourne at the bull grazing unit.  Hopefully while I am in Melbourne, I will get to visit the Australian Dairy Association and Red Meat Council.  After about 3 weeks in Melbourne, Ben and I will be traveling across the county to Perth.   This will be a 2000 mile journey which will take us over 3 days.  While in Perth, we will be calving.  I looked at the weather and it will be winter while I am there which means 50-70 degrees and lots of rain.

I am looking forward to seeing different aspects of Australian agriculture and am so blessed with this opportunity!  Be sure to follow along on my journey where I will share stories and pictures!

Check out Lawson Angus website :) http://www.lawsonsangus.com.au/


  1. That is awesome!! I would love to do something like that to be able to learn about agriculture in that way! You are so lucky and I look forward to reading about your posts about your trip!!


    1. Can not wait to hear your version of australian agriculture! Make sure to have a wee little bit of fun, life is too short!!