Saturday, June 8, 2013

Australia week 1 and 2

It's Sunday afternoon and we are officially done with week one of calving and week one on the ranch!  It's hard to explain everything, so I will start with some pictures.  It's been a great experience and I am looking forward to the next 4 weeks. 

The sunrise and sunset here is amazing, everyday without fail.  I can't seem to take enough photos of it!

It's cold here and wet!  This fire is the only source of heat in this little house has and I love coming home to a warm house!

The view out my front porch.  Yes, I agree it's tough to look at! 

Moving heifers to be processed a few days ago.  Red dirt, blue sky and black cows.  I am not sure it gets better than that!

Amelia- My bottle calf, who was only an orphan for 2 days!   She found a mother and is happily playing in the field.

My 21st birthday was on June 6th.  Pete and Donna, who are employees for Lawsons made me leg of lamb for dinner.  I am so blessed to feel at home with this family and it's only been a week.

Curious heifers! 

You all should know, I have a soft spot for lambs! :) 

Freeze branding, new to me and I already don't like it!  I miss the sound and smells of real branding.  Every cow is in the chute for over 15 minutes just to get a brand on her!  Where are the hot irons? 

It's honestly beautiful here. 

My ride! I have put over 100 kilometers on this bike over the past week.  Most of you know my father, who firmly believes in horses over bikes and after this week I have to agree with him

I will keep you all updated about how the next few weeks go!