Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cattle Industry: My way of life

I can't imagine my life without cattle!  It seems as if almost everything I do has something to do with the cattle industry.  I live and breath cattle. Being in the Cattle industry means more than just raising the cattle, its a way of life.  Growing up in a small town I can remember several times during high school, the school secretary would get on the loud speaker and say Karoline Rose head home your heifer is calving. My teachers have no problem with me running out the door and jumping in the truck and heading home.  They knew that tending to my cattle at home was much more important to me than English class :)
The cattle industry is a family within itself.  We are more than willing to help out our neighbors and to lend a hand when needed.  The neighbors can be 5 minutes away or many states away they are always there to help out.  There was a rancher here in Montana that lost about half his herd to a horrible storm and the cattle family stepped up and many people donated heifers and cow calf pairs to him without any thought.  They wanted to help and they know he will do the same if needed.  Lauren Chase from Montana Stockgrowers followed that story.  Here is the link to both the pictures .http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150304126582059.388947.121110932058&type=1 and the articlehttp://www.ktvq.com/news/ryegate-area-rancher-farmer-loses-half-his-cattle-in-recent-storm/.  This is one great example of the love for cattle, ranchers show.
My father said, "The kindheartedness Montana ranchers showed to that man who is down on his luck is exactly why I wake up everyday and love my job. We serve God and America."

When pulling into my driveway you won't see a fancy house or anything.  But you will notice the 3 or 4 pickup trucks parked outside and they usually have manure all over them.  We work sunrise to sunset tending to both our cattle, dogs and our family. The animals often come first but family and God are extremely important to us.  Have you ever noticed a cowboy get off a bull at a Rodeo and bow his head thanking the Lord for keeping him safe.  Still to this day that simple act gives me chills, he has demonstrated the love for God that the agriculture industry shares.  We depend on God for everything, without rain we don't have a good crop, without crops we can't feed out cattle, without cattle we can't feed our family.  It all come back to the Lord and the land and animals he has given us to spread the food and wealth around.  Check out this ministry that raises animals to feed to the less fortunate. http://www.holycowmontana.com/Home.html

Stock dogs- which are my fathers favorite.  These animals are more that just dogs.  They go with us on almost every ride when we check cattle and they are always working. At my house we often raise pups and sell them to other ranchers who need an extra hand on the ranch.  The dogs are first working dogs but they bring smiles and light to the neighborhood children.  Without these dogs my job would be ten times harder.
I am here in Salt Lake City getting some more tests done on my brain ( my father is still surprised that I have an active brain).  We will be here for a few more days and wont be sent home until they have some answers.  The cattle market is falling a little bit today and we have noticed a shortage of hay in the South so they will be shipping a lot of hay in our area to the South.  Thanks for reading.  Have an awesome day!!

Karoline Rose

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God bless!

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  1. Loved this post! Thanks for sharing! Found y'all via Twitter and I'm looking forward to following the blog. I've got a friend/fellow stockdog trainer/rancher that lives in Lewistown, not sure how far that is from y'all?