Monday, January 28, 2013

My first Ag memory!

Its hard to pin point exactly the moment when agriculture became a huge part of my life but I roughly remember! I do remember being very young when my parents got lambs and calves for us to feed. 

 After a while my dad quit outfitting and started trading cattle, and my first real memory is when I was about 5 years old.   My father, a cattle buyer, would load most of his trucks in Livingston, Montana. I was a daddy's girl, well as a matter of fact I still am, so I went with him every chance I got. He would weigh and sort calves all day.  One fall day stands out in my mind, it was exceptionally cold and I sat inside the scale room, eating donuts and drinking hot coco all day.  I was old enough to get into trouble but not old enough to be much help! 

One day a neighbor, to the scales, stopped by and asked if my dad needed help, he said sure. Soon enough, I learned that Paul Brence had 2 girls at home roughly my age. From then on, trips to Livingston included seeing my best friends. I am proud to say 15 years later, we are still friends and one of them is my roommate. My early memories of Ag, not only include quality time with my father but they gave me friends for life. I am one lucky girl to be raised in an Ag community for the last 20 years!

My love for ranching and agriculture can be dedicated to these two girls and their wonderful parents.  I didn't come from a ranch myself and yet, year after year I would go to their ranch for the summer and learn the valve of hard work.  These girls are still two of my best friends and I cannot thank them enough for all the things they have taught me! 

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  1. Those were good times! Now that you 3 are in college I am proud of you all for staying so active in agriculture. You are proof that it isn't just a business it is a way of life.