Monday, March 4, 2013

A weekend at Home

I was lucky enough to spend a weekend at home with my brother and dad!  It was exactly what I needed to get refreshed and ready to face this week and my week in Texas.  My mother cows are due to start calving soon so it was nice to walk through them with dad and discuss the future of my herd.

Bozeman to Toston is about 60 miles and I often use that time to think and reflect on my week and set goals for the upcoming week.  As I turned off the highway my view was spectacular and I knew it was going to be a great weekend.

Jacob is in charge of the yearlings so the moment I arrived he put me to work!  I was instructed to pick up twine and ear tags.. not my favorite thing to do but it needed done,  Jacob nicely made me a purse out of a feed sack to carry around with me ALL day!

Jake and Dad saddled up the horses and started to sort through the calves and get a few out that were going to be shipped this week.  They also gathered my herd of Angus cows.   Let's just say my dad and brother might be the handiest guys around.  Two guys, one dog, 400 calves and they sorted out about 30 without any issues!
I found this calf in the herd!  Isn't he cute!! His name is chewy :) 
Jake is riding a new gray horse and here are a picture I took of him that I really like!  "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man"   That quote fits my brother perfect.   He is at home with horses and is pretty talented in that area also! 

On my drive home, the Lord painted this amazing picture right as I was driving into Bozeman.  It made me stop and think how lucky I am.  Not only do I live in a beautiful place, I have the best family ever.  Jacob, Jackson and John are the best men every, they are great people and wonderful role models.  I am blessed to be able to get in the car and drive home whenever I feel like it!  Ranching is really a family business and Rose Cattle Company is my future. 


  1. You are lucky! Thanks for sharing, I always enjooy seeing photos of cattle ranches.

  2. I love your scenery. So beautiful. Chewy is cute, too. He's a hairy little bugger, isn't he? :-) Thank you for the twitter follow, as well.

  3. Chewy is adorable. Are you sure there isn't a Highland cow in that herd? You are blessed my dear. It is good that you thank the Lord.

    You honor your family. It is so very good.

  4. Thank you all for the kind words! I am very blessed, and I wouldn't change anything. We have a facebook page for Rose Cattle Company as well and I post more pictures there if you would like to check them out! Also, check out my video on family ranching. :)