Wednesday, February 6, 2013


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The beef industry, I am a lucky girl to be apart of such an amazing group of people.  Here in Tampa, we have everything from cow calf to packers and they are all passionate about the beef industry.  Just on Sunday, Dodge and Paul Harvey gave the United States a glimpse into our lifestyle.

Today at Cattlemen's College I learned a few facts that I would like to share with you!

-The cow calf side of the industry is often hidden.  Did you know that calves spend a majority of time on grass?  I love the picture above, as it was taken outside Manhattan and shows a great view of our part of Montana.  Calves, stay with their mothers on grass for anywhere from 7-10 months before they are weaned and they are often on grass for months after that!  They get to run and play in fields that look just like the picture above.

-Technology is the future!  Smart phones can identify pink eye by a simple picture.  There is tracking devices for bulls, planting apps for crops and record keeping systems.  It's only time before our smart phone turns into a vital part of a successful ranch!

-Beef is healthy, full of nutrients and safe.  Everyday this industry is working to improve our product but we can't be successful without you!  As consumers, let us know what would work better for you.  Do you want smaller potions, microwaveable meals, or more flavor?  Your demand drives our products, ask questions and share ideas.  We have lots to learn from you!

-We can't get every far in this industry without faith.  Dodge did a great job of showing the world that God made a Farmer but when Chandler offered to bless our meal today, I was reminded of one thing.  Without the Lord's grace, we can't produce food for you and your family.  We rely on him 100%, for rain, the sun and good cattle.

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