Friday, February 22, 2013

Producers-it's time to keep more heifers!

We are slowing hearing about cattle numbers dropping.  At the present time, we are at the lowest number sense the 1960's.   How are we supposed to feed the world if we are producing less calves each year? Well, it's time to keep more heifers.

1. Yes, I know corn is expensive but be creative.  Does your neighbor have corn stalks?  Make a deal with him, there is research out there to prove that using corn stalks to graze your cattle is beneficial for the land and for your cattle. Grazing on corn stalks

2. The cattle market is great! We are seeing future boards that are as high as they have ever been in history.  Wouldn't it be nice to have an extra load of calves to sell in two years? Future Market

3.  Self Magazine has proclaimed beef is a super food.  We have know for years that beef is a power protein but now a source that thousands of women trust, admitted to it as well.  I bet beef will be served for diner in more houses now! Steak-Superfood!

4. It is a great time to be a rancher!  We have a strong force in Washington and in Helena.  Snow on the ground, kids wanting to join our lifestyle and a Good Lord that provides for us.  I couldn't imagine why keeping a few more heifers would be a bad idea!


  1. Couldnt agree with you more. We bought 4 heifers last summer and are breeding them this summer. When we spotted this trend. We have been bumming them around on our parents farm. Now the problem is finding more pasture to rent so maybe we can buy more, and not stretch our parents thin on grass. It can be a frustrating situation when you see such an opportunity in the markets and can't expand like you want.

    1. Haha sorry that should read -bought this summer breeding this spring. LOL

  2. Elizabeth! I am so glad you bought some heifers. Are you in an area with wheat fields? There is some researching going on about grazing calves on wheat pastures when they are not in use. It might be something to look into! Good luck :)

  3. Well said Karoline, couldn't agree more!!

    Gary M. Weber, Ph.D.